Earth is no dirt

The aim of our work is to sharpen our senses for the enjoyment of the natural, for the perception of our surroundings and for the intensity of the encounter between people.

Our culinary concept of terroir

Human cultural history goes back several thousand years. In today's globalised world, the perception of our own culture is becoming increasingly blurred. The constant availability of food from all over the world and from all climate zones makes it difficult to develop an awareness of the local flora and fauna. In addition, we seek delimitation in order to suppress the ever-increasing complexity of our everyday life. Regional cuisine has always used products that were either found wild in the immediate surroundings or grew in our own climate through cultivation.
Our approach is to meaningfully expand, represent and shape the range of Swiss food production.

Herbal Hotel Edelweiss Dogmas

Food and drink as an expression of give and take, hospitality and a sense of community.
Upscale cuisine, as we celebrate it, is a means to an end for us to inspire our guests, not to celebrate decadence. We want to pass on the high pleasure to you through the subtle work with natural food from our close proximity.
As a fixation of our philosophy, we write down our constantly evolving dogmas here. They serve as a guide to our passion and a motif of understanding for our guests, friends and family.
  1. We only use Swiss products with the restriction that they are also grown in Switzerland. ( Contrasts to the legislation can be found here: )
    In accordance with our terroir philosophy, we prefer to use products from our immediate surroundings, the corresponding climates, the potentials found with the local people.
  • For us, the highest quality means excellent growing conditions in "real nature" without creating avoidable stress.
  1. We use old methods before new ones to formulate our final product.
  • We look for old and culturally traceable production methods and use methods from all cultures.
  • We seek new approaches and ways of abstraction within the methodology.
  • We shed light on "industry aberrations" and ask about their effects.
  1. We deal intensively with our subject matter and deal with the effects of our own work.
  • We do not adapt knowledge without exploring it.
  • We pass on our acquired knowledge to third parties without restrictions.
  1. We create a space for the discovery of "new" culture and leave room for process.
  1. We are prudent, careful and open-minded in our dealings with each other and our guests.
  • When we have a problem or potential for conflict, we actively seek to bring resolution forward.

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